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22. Nuno Fernandes [njfernandes]   (2013-03-04 10:48 PM)
What happened to ur batch Fate/Stay night 720p? I´ve been waiting for it to be available because 1080p is too heavy and its bigger than i can keep... Thanks

21. Akemi Homura   (2013-03-02 8:17 AM)
Requesting for Pandora Hearts and GunXSword in 1080p or 720p!

20. Lexy92   (2013-03-01 11:57 AM)
Hello! Snd thank you for the best anime encodes ever!
Have you ever thought about encoding the anime Kodocha?
I hope to see it soon, since it's a great and an old anime but still is amazing! biggrin

I hope to see my request,

Yours, Lexy 92

19. oscar roberto [vandasdelca]   (2013-02-28 4:50 PM)
mayo chiki please.

18. jinajin   (2013-02-27 3:36 AM)
Gin'iro no Kami no Agito

17. jinajin   (2013-02-26 11:52 PM)
and could u do Texhnolyze, please?

16. jinajin   (2013-02-26 11:48 PM)
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Revolutionary Girl Utena the Movie: The Adolescence of Utena
Demon City Shinjuku

15. killa-ninja   (2013-02-24 6:50 PM)
Sweet thank you lellus and the deadfish massive!

14. kjur   (2013-02-24 6:19 PM)

SDf:Macross coul you please encode this ?

13. JohnJohn   (2013-02-23 2:58 AM)
I know, it's a pain, especially considering the amount of episodes and the list of subbers at times, but could you please re-encode One piece?

Thank you for your work so far. I'm really grateful.

12. arina1992   (2013-02-21 9:51 PM)
Could you do a batch for Sakamichi no Apollon?

11. Gron   (2013-02-21 2:20 PM)
Princess Lover

10. [solitaire]   (2013-02-19 6:25 AM)
Could someone check over Episodes 1 & 3 of the Fate stay night - Batch [BD][1080p][AAC].
[DeadFish]Fate stay night - 01 [BD][1080p][AAC].mp4
[DeadFish]Fate stay night - 03 [BD][1080p][AAC].mp4
There are serious font issues with the opening & ending and none of the subtitle stylings match the rest of the batch, which looks great, marring an otherwise beautiful looking series.
NOTE: Files came off IRC

9. [Cloned_Searos]   (2013-02-17 10:44 PM)
copy and paste fixes everything lol

8. [ecchigo]   (2013-02-17 4:28 PM)
Hmm something's wrong with the links wacko

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